HPL Mission StatementMission Statement

It is the mission of the Huntington Public Library to collect, preserve, promote, and make available materials and technologies to serve the changing informational, educational, professional, cultural, and recreational needs and interests of the community. Approved by the Board of Trustees, February 2010



Freedom of Information, Code of Ethics, Whistleblower Policy (Section 000)

Sexual Harrassment Policy (Section 000)

Employee Related Policies (Section 100)

Personnel Policy (Section 200)

Emergencies, Maintenance of Public Order, Unattended Children Policy - (Section 300 - Available in the Library)

Operational Policies, Library Bill of Rights (Section 400)

Circulation & Related (Section 500)

Materials Selection (Section 600)

Fiscal (Section 700 - Available in the Library)

Computers & Technology (Section 800)

Open Meeting Policy

Long Range Plan


For further information please call (631) 421-7128, or e-mail us at




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