For more than 30 years,

the Huntington Public Library (HPL) has been a part of the Foundation Center’s Funding Information Network (formerly known as the Cooperating Collections network.) If you represent a non-profit organization seeking funding support, or are a student, artist or researcher seeking grant support for your endeavors…read on!

The Foundation Center’s Funding Information Network is a program of free funding information centers that provides a core collection of Foundation Center publications and databases as well as a variety of supplementary materials and services in areas useful to grantseekers.

Non-Profit Organizations

HPL provides free public access to the FOUNDATION DIRECTORY ONLINE PROFESSIONAL, which provides nine comprehensive databases. In addition to grantmakers, companies, grants, and 990s, Professional's new Power Search tool lets you search RFPs, news, jobs, foundation-sponsored publications, and nonprofit literature. Professional's interactive maps and charts show a foundation's grants geographically—right down to the ZIP code—and by recipient type or primary subject with three levels of detail.

With this database, you have access to information about:

  • Over 120,000 foundations, corporate donors, and grantmaking public charities
  • Over 3 million recent grants
  • Over 1 million IRS 990s — fully keyword-searchable
  • Cross-Border Giving-See grants from U.S. grantmakers to non-U.S. recipients on interactive maps
  • 54 search fields including keyword search.

Foundation Maps is Foundation Center's premier data visualization tool and the easiest way to see who is funding what and where around the world. With millions of grants from 2006 to the present, innovative ways to visualize funding data, and the flexibility and precision to tailor research, helps funders and nonprofits access the knowledge they need to make strategic decisions and strengthen their impact.

Resources for Individuals

HPL provides access to the FOUNDATION CENTER'S GRANTS TO INDIVIDUALS, an online database of nearly 10,000 grantmakers funding students, artists, researchers and other individual grantseekers through scholarships, grants and fellowships. Information contained about each funder includes application information, limitations on funding and financial data. A detailed HELP section is also included.


These databases are accessible only at our 338 Main Street location. For training on either database, please call Therese Purcell Nielsen at 631-427-5165 or email

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